Ling Design isn't about creating design in the traditional sense, It's about making something new.

A Monde de Luxe Design, a portal through which one might glimpse or even reach the empyreal world and extends an invitation for the audience to visit.

Good design creates a different behavioural conditioning for society by changing the mental landscape against which people are acting.

If design is the political, social and psychologically transformative activity of society, it then has to be allied to an awareness of science for rigorous critical analysis.

Multiple levels of interrelations exist amongst designer, design work, client and audience and in a sense are constituents of a cybernetic system. Design is but one member of a family of interconnected feedback loops in the cultural sphere - itself just one set of processes in a larger network of social relations. The use of systems and thinking pan culturally across the arts and sciences creates unique approaches to problem solving.

By transforming the viewer into active participator throughout its duration, across multiple digital platforms and formats, a transmedia narrative is created, delivering unique pieces of linked content that are in narrative syncronisation with each other.

A fusion of balanced but opposing qualities of art and industry and a particular creative and ideological stance–

• Serious can exist in the suave flippancy of popist fashion without compromising both
• The role of selective vision in a culture of information anxiety and visual stress
• In order to be truly new, a vital enlivening anomalousness is needed
• Process over product
• Intense dedicated craftsmanship
• Stylistic and creative virtuosity
• Intellectual sophistication
• The exuberance of the avant-garde
• Warm sensuality and a cold machine-like perfection
• Usefulness of transgressive or absurd imagery
• Connection between intellect and intuition
• Identification of glamour
• Seductions of colour and the erotics of form
• Deorganisation
• Constructed personae
• Supremacy and immediacy of surface
• Revivalism
• Artifice and authenticity